Writing is Personal. This-This is just Data Spill.

How’s it going?

This post basically says I’m alive and kicking. The blog (the one you’re reading) has been pretty lackluster as of later. Very little postage, and the posts made recently have been pretty weak – did you read that Scarlet write up?

I just want to say: don’t give up. I will still write. On this page.

Recent events and thoughts have just made me consider where my focus and energy is at. Specifically, my energy as a writer. Most could care less about my energy, but I do care, , and yeah, I’m figuring my focus out. I believe it’s just a matter of what I want from writing, and I’m starting to fall closer to the desire of personal pursuits.

You know, just being me. Like the final lyrics of  ‘Golden’ as Tyler, The Creator realizes who he is and Doctor TC fades out.

Could I be more vague?

Anyway, to make this post some sort of something, I will link a review I wrote for The Daily Athenaeum. The DA is West Virginia University’s student newspaper, and the review would be on Uncanny X-force, specifically the “Deathlok Nation” arc. Check it out. I liked it (the review, that is).

Also, I read The Mighty Thor #2 and no longer carry any interest for Matt Fraction’s Thor. Why? It’s simply more of the long, drawn out cape comics I am really starting to loose patience and interest for. But, why don’t I just copy and paste my mini Twitter rant on the subject? I thought I may have possibly tweeted something interesting for once.

I did like the first Fraction Thor story. The one Pasqual Ferry drew the fuck out of. Many weren’t cool with it, but I thought the story carried a cool epic poem aesthetic, and it seemed to have everything that makes a Thor story. I don’t know, I was into it. Anyway, here’s the Twitter stuff. Until next time.

– No longer hold any interest in Fraction’s Thor. Mighty Thor #2 is a mess of drawn of story with no sense of purpose.
– What is the direction or point of this? Odin’s preparing for something. Who gives a fuck?
– The comic looks fantastic. I love the team of Morales and Martin on about any artist and w/ Coipel they are doing something special.
– Maybe I keep buying it for that, but I don’t know. I could use the time and money on something else.
– I do believe the choice of long and drawn out is made by Fraction. He knows what cape comics are. He knows what the audience wants.
– So, he gives it to them. Nothing wrong w/ that. I just don’t feel his Marvel stuff, not all of it, is for me.
– But Casanova? Fuck yeah. I’ll be there, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t lost that skill. The new Cas story in Gula #4 sold me on that.
– With him, I think it’s just a choice of how he is going to write. I would love to see the Casanova style brought to hero comics, but …
– … if Fraction doesn’t want to do that, well, he doesn’t want to that. I have no say in the matter.

– All of my tweets were speculation, of course. My opinion. I mean, this is Twitter after all. Want real shit? Read a book.

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