The Internet Blew Up

And I was off to the side, trying my best to be snarky on Twitter. In case you’re wondering, I feel I failed miserably. But, oh well. The Marvel Bullpen of modern day made up for my suckage.

So, DC, eh? This is a big deal. The Internet storm may appear just like any ol’ comics Internet storm, but this is no simple costume change or cancellation. This is a LINE WIDE costume change and cancellation. Heh. Sarcasm aside, it is big as DC is going ALL THE WAY with this. No pussy footing nor any hesitation. DC altered itself over night.

What I find most interesting though is the backlash from many people on twitter. Granted, comic fans are always the most prone to complain, and the lose or altercation of continuity is always controversial among the nerd contingent…but most people online, reading comics have wanted this, right? Especially the digital angle of this?

My friend Joey Aulisio (Chemical Box, Matinee Idles) made this point to me, and I immediately felt he was right. This is what most have wanted. I know I’ve requested a line wide reboot or a drastic change to hero comics aloud at least once or twice. Yet, the Internet cries and cries or acts as if this isn’t good enough.

Not good enough?

What else could DC possibly do? Give the books away for free?

The day-and-date digital aspect is the bold move, though. Continuity and costumes aside, super-hero comics will still be super-hero comics. The digital direction will really bring the change, whether it is for better or worse. Brick-and-mortar comic stores will see some effect, and I highly, highly doubt Marvel ignores such a move. Not saying to expect a Marvel announcement next week or anything. This is more of a “wait and see” action. Either DC strengths the digital market in a big way, or DC proves that the world really doesn’t want digital comics. Either way, this may be the telling tale of the oh so talked about digital comic book.

And, possibly, the down fall of the physical direct market.

But, yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard enough “doom” talk at this point.

Personally, I actually want digital comics to fail to some degree. Not a total failure, just not enough success to make it the mainstay. I’ve said it before, and I’ll type it now; the industry needs an even mixture of both print and digital. Balance always seems to be the key to life, and I am willing to bet balance in this situation will work just the same.

Let’s see what happens.

As for the DCU, I need talent on these books. 52 new titles is A LOT of comics, and only 10 strong books will not cut it. If DC really wants to make this work and keep this excitement post the initial announcement and hype, they need quality and artists who will make people talk issue-to-issue. So far, from what has been announced, I feel there may actually have a shot at this. First off, even though I have been low on Geoff Johns before, I have to say the Justice League team is good. If DC wants to capture the spirit of Marvel’s Avengers franchise, which I feel they do, this is very smart of them to put the company’s top two on a book like Justice League.

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang on Wonder Woman? There’s the energy that character desperately needs. Azzarello has wrote off mainline DC projects before, but I don’t know, I feel if he is working with an artist of Chaing’s caliber, the result could be different this time around. We know it will at least look good.

Manapul writing and drawing Flash. Again, energy. Whether Manapul can write or not, I almost don’t care. That dude can draw. But it is a writer/artists project, and I like that DC is continuing this experiment even though Finch’s Batman went no where and Daniel’s Batman wasn’t all that. Comics still needs writer/artists, and Manapul may have the special juice to do it well.

Johns/Reis Aquaman will make people read. Hell, I may even give it a shot.

DC Universe Presents sounds interesting, and Bernard Chang is drawing some of it.

Those five projects announced, and we haven’t even heard of the Morrison or Snyder projects yet. Plus, DC does tell of more new talent doing work.

And, I bet the J.H. Williams Batwoman shows up at some point. Would explain the long delay on the series.

My question, though, is where is Chris Roberson in all of this? The man came in on a terrible Superman run and somewhat saved it for people. Plus, the dude writes a Vertigo book for Mike Allred. Hello?

Even if this fails, I feel we always have to respect DC to some degree for this. They took the risk, and honestly they went from second stringer to suddenly taking all of the industries attention for the rest of the year. DC is pushing the game right now. Especially, again, with this digital thing.

And, hey, Flashpoint went from the event few cared about to probably the series everyone watches. Smart business move  by them. Flashpoint now sells more. Fuck, I’ll probably buy it because, well, I know I come off as cynical a lot, but honestly I am excited about this. I like the DCU very much. To me, the DCU is super-hero comics, and I like the idea that DC may finally publish a few good, exciting super-hero comics.

My eyes are glued.

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