Location, Location

What’s up? It is back to the grind of academia as spring break has come to a close, and I am now once again sitting in my dorm room, preparing for the onslaught of class. I, for one, can’t wait! (That’s fucking sarcasm.)

Anyway, I have this writing assignment due in my journalism class tomorrow, and I just wanted to post it to share. I kind of liked how it turned out. The assignment was to pick a location and simply observe it; then, I had to record my observation in some sort of romanticized prose piece. I, of course, picked U92FM (the college station I work for) as my location.

It’s short – meant to be – but I hope you will give it a look. I probably could have actually told you about a few of the posters if I took better notes, but yeah. I guess there is always next time. Peace!


Voices raise in the other room. The station’s sports staff begins, what seems, a usual series of bickering and debate, shouting off the results of last night’s competitions and statistics in order to prove some sort of point. Underneath their speech, light music drifts and resonates from the open DJ booth. A mix of alternative rock, electronica and David Bowie sound to be the sound. It casts upward and travels to as many ear drums it can land upon.

This duo of sound is present, rocking to life the college radio station, but the back room of U92FM remains still. No one is there, and it appears to be a place to escape. Upon entering it though, you find you are still surrounded.

The room is small with box-like proportions, yet four office style chairs, ones with dark leather covering and bold, rolling wheels, pack the room as they wait for their inhabitants to return. Posters hang all along the walls in an onslaught of visual sex and pop culture identity.

Debris scatters about the music director’s desk, indicating an existence and an activity. Boxes and stacks of CDs pile in an adjacent corner, towering over the carpet below, casting a shadow that is sure to touch your feet as you cross the threshold of the door.

A magazine rack showcases old Rolling Stones and College Music Journals as if championing some message. Two Dell Desktops hum their electric notes as they lock up and wait for their next Facebook visits.

There is life in this room. Life in the objects. Life in the culture. Everything about the U92 DJ staff is expressed, and they are not even there.

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