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I’ve got to get off Twitter, man. It’s bad. I’m going to try. Some people just can’t handle a few beers, and I can’t handle that website. It isn’t at all as dire as that analogy implies, but I spend a lot of time on there looking for validation, like please, Profile Man, tell me my existence holds purpose, and the whole act is pathetic, and it’s getting to me, and it’s getting old. I just scroll and scroll and think of things to say, and it all comes out as bad, unfunny, embarrassing, ironic/kind-of genuine ramble that’s designed to please whoever comes into contact with it, especially someone (hopefully) cool (and yet, despite the self-tear down there, I do sometimes nail a tweet to the fucking wall, dead-ringer). And, I don’t know, that isn’t so fulfilling. It’s weird performance art for no one at all, and its simultaneously compared to all the other performances (tweets) around it, and it doesn’t do the thing I like writing to do, which is facilitate some conversation with the self, as it’s entirely aimed outward for the favorites and retweets. So, anyway, I’m on the toilet right now, and welcome to the blog. I want to come back to the blog.

I want to do this somewhat often, but I’m not setting a schedule. I want to write on this blog from my phone and treat the whole thing like a text message to myself. I’ll likely tweet a link to a new post, but I will log off right after that has occurred. I used to write about comic books on here. I’ll probably do that again. And while it may skew the focus of “alec reads comics” to post entries like this post, I feel it makes sense to revisit this space as it’s been sitting here for about a decade, all mine.

Now that I’ve said all that, who knows if it will actually materialize, but it could and it can. We’ll give it a shot. I’ll give it a shot.

Two more things:

I wrote more about self-image stuff (very happy shit, man) at Neutral Spaces. The post is called Hi, Stranger. Very short. Give it a look. It’s related to the Twitter thing.

I also tweeted something about Twitter (wow, yeah, I know) the other night. I still like this line of thought, so I’m including it here since we’re on the subject. See below.


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