No Clever Title Needed | 1-2-2012

So the year ended, yet here I am still trying to put a finger on what 2011 was. I don’t know. I wouldn’t call it a bad year, but neither would I proclaim it an era of good fortune. Instead, 2011 felt very much like a bullet point in the overall process of becoming whoever I’m fucking supposed to be.

Is that weird? To think of myself as “in development”? I think it is, but I do. Maybe just because I’m obsessed with “process.”

Anyway, 2011. I set out last January to push myself toward new experiences, jumping outside the safety net of a comfort zone in order to broaden my perspective. I think I accomplished that to some degree in 2011, but I feel I need to go further. Push harder. In terms of social situations, work ethic, education and whatever else. 2012 looks to only continue that longterm process I’m in the midst of, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll get out of R&D a bit this year and fulfill some sense of self I’m supposed to possess. Because right now, I’m still uncertain of who exactly I am or where I stand.

Fuck. I’m saying waaaaay too much, aren’t I?

Here’s to the internet and later regrets, and may 2012 not suck.

While this blog did not update last week, I did have a few slivers of content release.

First, there’s the return of The Chemical Box podcast with my good buddy Joey Aulisio. It’s something like an hour of Joe and I discussing Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Dean White’s Uncanny X-force as well as Warren Ellis on Secret Avengers and even the horrors of dubstep and Korn. Give it a listen. More shows are in the works as I type this. Plus, if you just know me from this blog, much of my prior stint on the comics internet was in podcasting, and while I’m in no shape or form a better podcaster than writer, it may be worth looking into if you at all give a shit about what I do (I don’t see why you would).

Second, I wrote two reviews for First, a short review on a comic titled Man From Space. It’s not great, but there are a few interesting uses of color in it. And second, I wrote something like 1,400 words on Jonathan Hickman’s The Red Wing, his big return to Image Comics. Up front, I wasn’t crazy about it. For more critiques, read my review.

And third, I promise, right this instant, that you will see an actual blog post on this blog before the week’s out. While I didn’t write anything last week, I did sit down and map out quite a few future pieces I’d like to write. I’m hoping to do some actual worthwhile shit in 2012. Stay tuned.

SOPA. It’s a stupid answer to a legitimate problem. I’m all in favor of ripping the bill to shreds and flipping off the lobbyists behind it.

That said, I don’t necessarily support the outrage at Marvel over their support of it.

Ok, well, maybe I do. I’m cool with people boycotting the comics and taking a stand. I think that’s great. Part of me would like to join in just to simply fulfill that lingering teenage angst inside of me as well as take part in the growing collective feel of “fighting back.” I like that people, in all sorts of ways, are fighting back and no longer tolerating the shit they’re subjected to. Whether it’s Wall Street or comics, I like this idea of people taking a stand, telling The Man to fuck himself.

But here’s the thing. You can’t pick one scapegoat to carry all of your problems and blames. Especially not with this SOPA situation. To me, if you’re going to pick one media company as bully, you might as well pick a few or even go all out. Because if not, you end up a hypocrite. Whether it’s simply throwing DC into your Marvel boycott (because Time Warner is on that list) or even stepping a bit broader and skipping over ESPN or any Major League Baseball game in your channeling surfing, the fight’s bigger than Marvel. I know we like to paint them as our Hitler, which they probably are – I’m not denying that – but if you pick one enemy and not recognize the others, to me, you make your boycott and your “stand” a hole-ridden protest.

But really, not buying some shit Hulk comic seems like a poor, in direct way to fight a piece of legislation. Instead, I’d suggest calling your Congressman or signing a petition. Inform your neighbors of the dangers of SOPA. Get politically active. Don’t protest comic books. Maybe it sends a message to Marvel, but really the issue is SOPA, not Marvel.

Instead, boycott Marvel for some other reason. They’ve given you plenty. Me? I’m just some soulless fuck who likes reading Moon Knight too much that I’ll compromise my ethical reputation to do so. Maybe one day I’ll do right.

Buy this book:


Read this blog post destroying the Matt Fraction/Olivier Coipel Mighty Thor #1. Terrible comic. Wonderful blog post.

Keep smiling. Drink one for me. *end*

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