No Clever Titled Needed | 12-05-2011

If you follow my Twitter exploits, then you may already know the type of weekend I had. I probably should resort from tweeting pictures of empty bottles and dance sessions as I’m sure it only comes off as a sad attempt to look cool, but dammit, I now have an iPhone. Tweeting photos now presents itself as an option, and the sad journalistic drive inside of me tells me to document this College shit, even though it’s probably not worth documenting and only describes me as a tool.

I don’t, however, wear Tapout shirts. I promise.

Start your Monday right. Listen to this.

My dad hooked me on this track in the 4th grade. Jammed to it most of the weekend. Chad Nevett made the point on Twitter that he also digs it.

Speaking of Chad, the dude wrote a new blog piece titled “You Don’t Just Want to Break Me, You Want to Tear Me Apart” in which he discusses why he likes writing negative reviews. The comics internet is too uptight up about positivity. It’s cool to like and love comics, in my book, but Chad drives home the main point. The job of the critic is to tear shit apart. Team Comics needs to realize that. Read Chad’s post.

You can now blast the Trent Reznor, Karen O cover of “Immigrant Song.” The movie about tattooed girls will be out soon, and the soundtrack is up for pre-order. But, you don’t need to pre-order. Wired has six tracks streaming for free. If you want your own precious copy for the iPod, though, you can buy “Immigrant Song” for a buck on iTunes. I just did that. I also dig “Oraculum” a bit.


Tucker Stone writes good shit. One of the more exciting voices on the comics internet. May I suggest some recent examples to prove it?

Woodshed: 11/28/11
The Comics Journal Thirty-Eight
Comics of the Weak: Just Saving Myself Til I Get Raped

You should read each of those, but if you’re short on time, make the first in the list the priority.


If you’re a Savage Dragon reader, then you must follow this Twitter account.


This would be the current controversy in my area of residence: fracking.

Noted as a method of natural gas drilling, fracking has had Morgantown, West Virginia up in arms over the past year. City Council’s all about banning that shit, but state government is cool with it. Jobs. Apparently. Anyway, the article talks about the process in terms of Pennsylvania and New York, but let it be known, this new power house industry even trickles down to my neck of the woods.

If anything, look at the eerie photos in the post. The one with the fighting/playing dogs kind of creeps me out for reasons I can’t explain.

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