king of the comeback pt. 2

So, yeah. My blog presence has lacked over the past few months, but I’m here to tell you that that is all going to change.

To begin, I found myself frustrated with writing. Things I desired to complete weren’t being completed, and the articles being completed were just poor. I felt the frustration you usually feel when you know a specific word in your mind but cannot, for some mysterious reason, speak it. Writing was becoming torturous to a degree. That may sound harsh or over dramatic, but honestly, I think I was being driven crazy by it.

So, I walked away to take an extended break. I figured I should enjoy my break from school rather than force myself in front of a keyboard. This would explain my initial absence.

Time passed, and I suddenly felt the urge to find a writing project. But not this blog. I don’t know, it just didn’t come off as what I wanted to do. Not at the time. So I jumped into newspaper writing with West Virginia University’s student newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum. With an Arts and Entertainment section, I assumed I could still write about comics or, to a larger degree, pop culture.  Stupid me didn’t comprehend the local aspect of the newspaper, and the comics writing I wanted to do, or the comics culture news stories I wanted to tell, would not work.

So, I went looking again. I needed to find an outlet with readers, and I needed to write about comics for that outlet. I knew!

Popmatters is a packed pop culture site containing the types of critical pieces I desire to read, and they have a comics section I knew I could write for. I originally applied for the website last summer, but, understandably, I was rejected. A year later, I found myself with a writer’s position for PM’s comics blog. I. Was. Thrilled. Finally, I could write about comics, the way I wanted, on a playing field with an extended audience.

The excitement for writing began to boil and ideas came to. I felt this was it.

Now this no longer seems to be the case. I could spill the beans on the situation and be all post-empire, as it seems to be the “it” behavior these days, but I’m not sure I should. Part of me says, “go for it,” but the other half says, “just be polite and professional.” Honestly, if you want the idea, just skim back to a previous post on this very blog. You’ll get (part of) the point.

Popmatters provided me with one thing, though. The energy and ideas. The thrill of an actual writing gig kicked my head into gear, and I still need a way to utilize this new found energy. So, I’m revamping this blog to “publish” and to continue my writing development.

For those whom don’t remember, I once hosted a solo podcast. Teenage Wasteland. The show existed for two solid years, and it’s presence was very consistent with it’s weekly schedule. For two years I had a solid creative outlet. Granted, a podcast does not top the chart of creativity, but still, the show made me create in some way, and the weekly goal forced my mind into a constant idea mode. I felt good for those two years. A creative release was being met.

Then the show went to shit as the weekly schedule fell apart, and my creative release met a certain frustration. Teenage Wasteland ended. Since then, I’ve been struggling to find my new consistent creative outlet/project. For the first month or so of its existence, this blog was kind of it, but then again, I met frustration, and yeah, the story I told above happened. More time spent not creating or releasing anything.

That needs to end. I’m the creative type; I feel the constant need to produce. I’m getting back on the horse. Expect more Alec Berry on the web. For now, I will not search for the big audience. I’m better off here where I can control things.  I’m better off right here where I can train in secret for the eventual “attack.” This blog, for the foreseeable future, will update every Wednesday. That’s one of my new goals. Another is the comeback of The Chemical Box podcast I do with Joey Aulisio.

A podcast and a blog. Two things I’ve spent the past 2 and a half years focused on, coming out at once, consistently.  I feel creative once again. No one can hold me back.

So, to kick of this comeback tour, Joey and I give you episode 007 of the Chemical Box. We discuss Joe Casey’s Butcher Baker, Bendis’ Powers, and Flashpoint. Listen here. Or iTunes.

Stop back here on Wednesday as well for a new blog post will debut. MellowHype – Brain/Loaded – BlackenedWhite

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