Image Addiction Review: The Li’l Depressed Boy #2

Cover of The Li'l Depressed Boy #2

I have posted a new review over at Image Addiction on The Li’l Depressed Boy #2. Here’s what I had to say:

“This issue of The Li’l Depressed Boy presents a smooth readability which is most certainly a result of the fine dialogue. S. Steven Struble writes the conversation and flirtation between Li’l Depressed Boy and Jazmin in a style that oddly resembles a sense of real life. The jokey nature and the back-and-forth teasing gives the characters’ interaction a sound that is easy to hear inside your head.  That quality moves the comic along well because the book depends on the dialogue. There are events happening as Li’l Depressed Boy plays video games and bowls, but really the book keeps those things in the backdrop as it places the majority of its weight on the relationship or the quest of it…”

Read the rest HERE. Also, read the comment that follows it as it is a part of the piece.

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